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Hi!  I'm Valerie.  Doula.  Photographer.  Wife.  Mama.  Tiramisu and Tea Lover.


It never escapes me the incredible honor of being invited into a family's birth space.  Birth is one of the most beautiful and sacred moments in life, and it deserves to be captured just like any other big moment!  I am also in love with family photography, lifestyle photography and really any chance that I'm invited to be with a person where I can bring my camera.  I see differently when I look through my lens.  The world is beautiful, and it deserves to be immortalized.  My favorite photos are the ones where someone wasn't posing.  Where life happened organically.  I have been trained in birth photography and videography by Monet Nicole and Jennifer Mason of Birth Becomes Her.

I am a CAPPA certified labor doula.  To be able to help a mama during her birth, to feel better about her birth, to feel loved, supported, heard, understood.  I am in love with all things birth, all things mama and all things family.  I love to help parents understand their choices regarding their birth, and to bring a calming, caring presence to the birth space.  It's truly and honor I'll never get over.  A bond is created with a family when you attend their birth that is unique and beautiful.  I have given birth to my own 3 daughters, and each birth was one of the most empowering moments of my life.

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